who we are

Cobra Technologies – established in 1995, is a US based consulting and software product company with expertise in content management and document capture (scan). As a Business Partner with Alfresco, IBM/Lotus and Nuxeo, as well as HP, Ricoh and Xerox, Cobra Technologies will work with closely your organization providing a wide range of products, services and customized solutions for your business needs – from analysis, planning and development through migration, installation, deployment and support. Our expertise can help you create, collect, identify, organize and share your organizational knowledge to optimize your business decisions.

Our business is helping your business : Cobra Technologies develops products and services with an emphasis on scanning and Document/Content Management.

A snapshot of our solutions and business -

Cobra Image Router (CIR) – enables the intelligent routing of documents directly from your scanner to Alfresco, IBM/Lotus (Notes, Domino Document Manager, Quickr), Nuxeo, email, or file system, for electronic distribution throughout your organization.
Cobra Image Manager (CIM) – empowers users to view, edit, improve and route image files in a network scanning environment. The CIM workflow is a combination of an intuitive and simple-to-use interface, with a powerful scanning solution behind the scenes. The CIM scanning station can run on any client PC workstation, laptop, tablet or all-in-one touch screen PC attached to your scanner.
DocTools – a suite of applications for migrating, importing and exporting files of any type into or out of older legacy document management applications and Domino Document Manager or Lotus Notes environments. Also includes a tool for quick and efficient searches all of your Domino Document Manager libraries or Lotus Notes databases.
Consulting Services – Cobra Technologies can work with your business to install and customize any Alfresco, Lotus Domino/Notes, or Nuxeo based solutions and strategies, from planning and roll-out, through to support.
Cobra Authorized Resellers Program (CAR) – allows you to join our world-wide network of resellers of Cobra Technologies products such as CIR, CIM and DocTools and gain the business benefits available with our discounts.
Lotus Notes Document Imaging (LN:DI) Migration services – Cobra Technologies offers several options for migrating away from old production LN:DI environments, whether your LN:DI objects are embedded in your applications or linked to a LN:DI Mass Storage Server (MSS).

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