cir for ibm connections details


Install. Configure. Scan.

From download to scanning in just a few hours…

  • CIR Client – Adobe AIR application – build Scan Configurations to control capture and routing
  • CIR Server – Java/XML components – monitor for scans – routes image intelligently to Connections Files
  • OCR – delivers searchable PDFs


Connections Synchronization

CIR learns your IBM Connections environment

  • Queries IBM Connections to identify existing Users, Folders and Communities
  • Knows about your network scanning devices – and watches for incoming scans
  • Scan Configurations direct content to the right User – Folder – Community based on your criteria


@ The Scanner

Define a “Scan To Folder” on your device, and tell CIR about it…

  • CIR Universal does not know about your device – what happens at the scanner depends on your scanning device capabilities
  • Give CIR a TIFF and will turn it into a searchable PDF
  • Assign an intelligent filename – and our SmartFile technology will parse that into profiling data in Connections Files

To download a no cost trial version of CIR for IBM Connections click here