cobra image router

Cobra Image Router (CIR) is the premier tool that integrates networked scanners and multi-function devices with industry leading Document Management Systems (DMS), Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Collaboration systems - Alfresco, IBM Connections, Lotus Notes/DominoNuxeo and Sharepoint.

The latest release of CIR defines a new direction for Cobra and our flagship solution. While we continue to forge the original path with CIR Domino – the Lotus Notes based solution for intelligent scanning to Lotus Notes and Domino Document Manager – we are paving new roads with the CIR6 release that runs on Windows, Mac, or Linux and integrates with virtually any scanner to deliver to Alfresco, IBM Connections, Nuxeo and Sharepoint.

CIR is easily installed on the user’s client machine. Configuration of the rules that govern scan behavior is all done in an intuitive Adobe AIR user interface. Assign where the image will land (Alfresco, Connections, Nuxeo, Sharepoint) and the file type that will be delivered (e.g., searchable PDF). Determine if OCR will be used to make documents searchable. Finally, define the metadata that will be passed along with the scan.

Benefits of CIR

  • Digital images of paper documents are placed directly into the DMS/ECM/Collaboration environment
  • Documents can be easily accessed electronically with a web browser
  • Multiple users can view and share the image, eliminating the need for paper-based copies
  • Improved and increased productivity and efficiency through collaborative workflow
  • Viewing and working with documents and images while working remotely, or while mobile

CIR provides tight integration with devices and DMS/ECM/Collaboration systems from market leading manufacturers and providers.

Scanning Devices

  • CIR supports the use of virtually ANY scanner. Scanners from any manufacturer that can deposit TIFF files onto a network drive can be used. CIR offers advanced support and features for devices through our partnerships with HP, Ricoh and Xerox. For specific device support details – click here.
  • CIR supports use with DMS/ECM/Collaboration solutions from market leading manufacturers – Alfresco, IBM, Lotus, Microsoft and Nuxeo. For specific DMS/ECM/Collaboration system support details – click here.


Cobra Image Router and its components are available directly from Cobra Technologies. For additional information please contact or Kevin O’Brien at 1.813.204.9700.